Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturna - One of Saturn's Moons?

When I first read Saturna's name, I of course thought of the planet...why wouldn't I? Saturn still is a planet, isn't it? You never know, they knocked Pluto off the list for no particular reason. Now, after 12 years of public education with 9 planets being drilled into me, I have to remember that there are only 8 planets.

Anyway, not to get off topic, Saturna (the band, not the planet) has released their first studio album, the EP ...All Night, and maybe it's just the band's name, or even their website (which reminds me of the movie Gattaca), but to me their music sounds very techno-futuristic. I'm not knocking them at all, in fact I'm impressed at the way they use some pretty standard instrumentation, with some voice effects, to put together 5 tracks that blend together pop, rock, techno, and some industrial lite sounds without sounding hokey. Check them out for yourself:

Saturna - Just For Thrills : ... All Night

Saturna - Blanket of Stars : ... All Night

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