Friday, November 24, 2006

Benjy Ferree

Take one piece of Beatles harmonies, add some Americana instrumentation to back it up, and then some style all his own, and you end up with Benjy Ferree.

Benjy just recently re-released (November 7th) his debut album, Leaving the Nest, through Domino Records. Originally Benjy moved to L.A. with plans to make his mark in the arts through acting, but after that path didn't lead him where he was hoping he was persuaded to pursue personal expression via his music.

And what music it is. It seems that as soon as you get used to what Benjy is laying down, he switches up the pace, revealing a different side to his musicianship. It's simply impossible to label Benjy's style; It all depends on what song you're listening to at the moment. And for the next few moments, listen to the following songs:

Benjy Ferree - In the Countryside : Leaving the Nest

Benjy Ferree - Little At A Time : Leaving the Nest

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