Sunday, November 19, 2006

The SLIP - Simply Catchy

A lot of intricate and layered music carries a density that sweeps over you like a solid wave, requiring you to pick at the layers one by one, revealing the pieces with many listens. Certainly music like this has its attraction, ageing like fine wine...better with time. But sometimes it's nice to hear music that you can grasp on the very first try. The SLIP's latest album Eisenhower is like that. The first listen made me bop my head with the beat and want to play air guitar.

The SLIP is a trio that hails from Boston with a story that's straight out of a movie. The band includes two brothers and a childhood friend from high school who dropped out of college to start touring the country. Their sound includes light and airy instrumentation which lets the music breath, sweeping around you allowing you to get into the music from the very beginning. This isn't to say that their music is simplistic or formulaic. It does have a very summery feel to it, also.

The first song I'm offering up to you is Children Of December, the first track on the album. I have to be honest with you, this is one of the strongest and catchiest openers that I've heard in a long time. (It also doesn't hurt that it's about people born in December, like me, or that it mentions Autobots and Decepticons...anyone able to mention the Transformers in their lyrics earns bonus points in my book) The second, If One Of Us Should Fall, is a torch burning balladesque song that was just made to be put on a mix tape for a significant other.

The SLIP - Children Of December : Eisenhower

The SLIP - If One Of Us Should Fall : Eisenhower

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And make sure to catch them on tour with My Morning Jacket.


merz said...

I am digging The Slip too!

val said...

For anyone who does not catch the slip on tour, they can be heard playing live on on Tuesday 12/05 @ 10am EST.

kidxxa said...

These guys are awesome... has a great live performance of them as well (video).