Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tahiti 80 - French Fun

I happened to first listen to Tahiti 80's newest album Fosbury while playing with my two and a half year old daughter and she LOVED it. From the first notes of the first track, she was dancing around the room non-stop. She even kept turning it up until it got to the point that I had to turn it down.

Tahiti 80 formed in France in 1993 and named themselves after a slogan on one of the band member's dad's t-shirts picked up on vacation. Since then they've been pumping out many albums and singles of pop-dance music. Singer Xavier Boyer backs up the beats using a voice that sounds like a missing Gibbs' brother, with backing melodies that feel like they'd be perfectly comfortable in an updated techno/electronica version of Saturday Night Fever.

Tahiti 80 - Big Day : Fosbury

Tahiti 80 - Alloveragain : Fosbury

And although the following song really is not representative of Tahiti 80's sound at all, it's still an enjoyable cover.

Tahiti 80 - Happy Together (Turtles Cover) : Fosbury

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