Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pinebender - Indie metal

Considering how crucial it usually is to hook a listener from the get-go, it takes a lot of balls to start an album off with a song that is close to 14 minutes long, but Pinebender has those cahones. Their latest release, Working Nine To Wolf, only runs 8 tracks long, but the band really packs a punch in those tracks, with the album running over an hour long.

Formed in 1997, Pinebender is a trio hailing from Chicago that uses a fairly simple formula to make some pretty good music: long, loud, compelling, melodic tracks that slowly build and build until you don't think they can go any farther, and then they do. And when I saw loud, I'm talking about tracks that rock like a hair band minus the glam and hair-spray. This is not music to play while studying for a final exam or when performing soothing exercises to start your yoga routine.

Check out these two tracks and see for yourself. The first, She Destroys the Light, I include because it (and the final track) stands out as a little unique (somewhat quieter, although only when compared to the throbbing energy of the other 6 tracks). The second, Polly Gray, is a little more indicative of the overall feel of the album.

Pinebender - She Destroys the Light : Working Nine to Wolf

Pinebender - Polly Gray : Working Nine to Wolf

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