Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Odds n' Ends

Amongst all the music that gets sent my way, there are inevitably single tracks here and there that are enjoyable in themselves but for which it's difficult to write an entire post about. So instead of letting them fall through the cracks into obscurity, I'm throwing them all together like a bowl of Jambalaya (one of my favorite dishes) for your enjoyment.

Siobhan Donaghy

Formerly the founding member of the Sugerbabes, Siobhan Donaghy set out on her own in 2003 and is poised to release her second solo album, Ghosts, in March of 2007.

“I wanted emotive sounds,” says Siobhan, “but sounds that were universal. I wouldn’t wanna be some obscure, poncey artist y’know? I am still pop.”

I haven't the faintest idea what "poncey" means but I'm guessing it's some British slang term for "artist who only sells 300 albums, all to pre-pubescent boys who think she looks hot." This track is just a teaser of the UNobscure, NON-poncey music that Siobhan offers.

Siobhan Donaghy - Ghost : Ghosts

Visit her website, or become her friend on MySpace


Robbers on High Street

These blokes just released a digital 4 track EP (THE FATALIST AND FRIENDS EP) in anticipation of their upcoming full length release in the spring of 2007. This track has a swanky sound to it that will make you feel hipper than you really are. It's got an Oasis meets The Strokes feel to it. Check it out at your leisure.

Robbers on High Street - The Fatalist : The Fatalist and Friends EP (get it on iTunes)

Visit their website, or become their friend on MySpace.


Tiny Dancers

Not to be confused with the Elton John song, Tiny Dancers is fivesome that hails from the West Yorkshire countryside between Doncaster and Wakefield (you know the place, don't you?). Their latest release, an EP titled Lions and Tigers and Lions, was released on the 20th and is available for your consumption.

Visit their website, or become their friend on MySpace.


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