Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Christmas Goodies

It's no coincidence that my other favorite gift is a recording from an artist also on my 11 Albums of 2006 list. Although I didn't numerically rank them, The Animal Years, by Josh Ritter, would most definitely have medaled in the the top three. That being said, when I opened up In the Dark - Live at Vicar Street 2006 on Christmas morning, I was just as excited (if not more so) than my 2 year old daughter reading the note Santa left for her next to the plate where she had placed a cookie for him.

This album, available only in Ireland or via mail-order, is actually a two disc set. This is what Josh's website has to say about it:
Recorded over two sold-out nights at the Vicar Street theater earlier this year, IN THE DARK is Josh's first full-length live album and accompanying DVD. The set features nearly 20 songs from the shows, from the crowd sing-alongs "Kathleen" and "Me & Jiggs" to the snowflake-intimacy of "One More Mouth" and (the rather epic) "Thin Blue Flame."

Directed by Dennis Fitzgerald, the film is just that: a film, not just a live document. It features several performances from the shows, as well as interview footage and a selection of backstage and soundcheck performances (including several songs *not* included on the live CD.)

The CD+DVD set features deluxe gatefold packaging and exclusive photos by Dave Hingerty. (This is one we feel you'll want to own, not just burn to the iPod).

Unless you're planning a jaunt over to Ireland sometime soon, order In the Dark from Road Records. While you're waiting for yours to arrive, enjoy the following:

Josh Ritter - Best For the Best (live) : In the Dark- Live at Vicar Street 2006

Visit his website, his label V2, and become his friend on MySpace.


Nate said...

Any idea if the DVD plays on US region players?

Sean said...

It certainly does Nate!