Tuesday, May 08, 2007

True Story!

"What is that? A Twisted Sister pin...on your uniform????"

In case you don't know, my real world job (while not moonlighting as a blogging rock star) is as a 7th grade teacher. One of the teachers on my team, we'll call her Ms. R to protect her identity, doesn't have that good of a rapport with the students. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is downright crappy.

Anyway, during the middle of the morning, our students have a 10 minute break to eat a snack, grab the books they need for their next classes, and socialize in general. Sometimes teachers will take away this break and require the students to stay in their room as punishment for various infractions. Ms. R tends to keep the same boys in for 10 minute break fairly regularly.

This is where the story gets good, so stick with me if you've made it this far (I know there is a lot of background info to work up to this). SO, last week, several of the boys who feel that they are being unfairly picked on decide to break out with Twisted Sister's 80's anthem We're Not Gonna Take It...at full volume...refusing to quiet down. Ms. R, not knowing how to deal with the rowdy group and probably fearing for mayhem similar to what happens in the video, ends up calling up the school resource officer (otherwise known as a cop) to break up the crew and take them down to the principal's office.

True story.

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It : Still Hungry

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Anonymous said...

That is great. Their parents, who were probably that age in the 80's should be so proud.