Thursday, May 31, 2007

Simone White - from THIS side of the pond

Although you would never guess it listening to her voice, Simone White originally hails from Hawaii, and has since been here, there, and everywhere...from California to Seattle to London and lots of places in between.

Along the way she's picked up the guitar and has written some wonderfully delicate and tender songs that make your heart flutter between melancholy and child-like happiness.

The reason why you'd never guess Simone is Hawaiian is evident upon first listen. Within the first 30 seconds of the first track, I was overwhelmed by how much her voice resembles that of Tracyanne Campbell, lead vocalist for Camera Obscura. Honestly I would have sworn she was at least Scottish, maybe even Tracyanne's sister! What makes Simone's album I Am the Man different though is it loses the twee-pop / 60's rock sound that makes Camera Obscura so endearing and replaces it with a mellow, jazzy, folksy feel that is no less enjoyable and even somewhat more intimate.

Her album is slated to be released on June 4th in the UK, but unfortunately a US date has not been given. You can order it as an import via Amazon, although the price is a little steep. Also available (with a few tracks also on the new album) is Sincere Recording Co. Presents Simone White, which is older (2004) but a little more affordable. Either way, enjoy the songs (and videos) below and keep your eyes open for it over here in the States.

The Beep Beep Song is just a charmingly tender song about love - perfect for mix-tapes for significant others.
how many moons are reflected in the lake
can you wait forever
if time is all it takes
despite all the warnings
I landed like a fallen star
in your arms
The American War is a protest song that is amazingly cutting for having such seemingly light lyrics:
Did you ever think this was the greatest country in the world?
With freedom and democracy and SUV's called Liberty
for every boy and girl?
The oyster chokes on it's own pearl

Simone White - The Beep Beep Song : I Am the Man
(watch the video: Windows Media / Real Media)

Simone White - The American War : I Am the Man

Visit her website, her label Honest Jon's Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

Additional Videos:

I Am the Man - Windows Media / Real Media

Why I Your Raincoat Always Crying? - Windows Media / Real Media


Camera Obscura - Books Written for Girls (live acoustic) : Sunsets And Silhouettes


daniel said...

i'm digging her so much. definitely reminds me of someone but i cant place it

Anonymous said...

Looks like "The Beep Beep Song" is being used in the UK on an advert for the Audi R8

Sean said...

That's great! Simone deserves the attention...I hope it helps get her album out there.