Friday, June 01, 2007

Static of the Gods - Loud and Clear

The torch has been passed: the Boston indie power-pop torch that is. It started with The Pixies in the 80's, then Juliana Hatfield and Belly and all the incarnations its members moved on to in the 90's. Now it's Static of the Gods' turn. Although the band is now based out of Beantown, ironically none of the members actually grew up in Massachusetts (although bassist/guitarist Ben Voskeritchian was technically born in Boston, he grew up in Richmond, VA).

Jen Johnson, lead vocalist for the threesome, actually started out her musical career as a classically trained singer (it seems almost cliche now that some of the best of today's musicians defect from the classical side - no wonder the genre isn't doing so good) in Stockton, CA. Although the band's sound strikingly resembles those previously mentioned Boston bands, it was the now long defunct Los Angeles band, that dog (of which one of the members went on to perform with the Decemberists - Petra Haden. Check out her discography, it's absolutely incredible who she has performed with!), that inspired Johnson to pick up a guitar and start playing non-classical compositions. "For me it was seeing these really strong women who were really sassy and cool and writing music they wanted to write with these great melodies."

On a personal note, I absolutely LOVE that dog's last album, Retreat From the Sun (which I actually discovered AFTER the band had broken up unfortunately), and for this point alone, Jen has me rooting for her. Luckily for me, Static of the Gods just released their debut full-length album, Cycles Follow Signs, April 17th, so there's no chance of me missing the boat on them. If even a sliver of you enjoys that Boston indie sound, do yourself a favor and give this album a try.

Static of the Gods - Cycles Follow Signs : Cycles Follow Signs

Static of the Gods - Between Us
: Cycles Follow Signs

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that dog - Never Say Never : Retreat From the Sun

that dog - He's Kissing Christian : Totally Crushed Out!

The Pixies - Blown Away
: Bossanova

Juliana Hatfield - Here Comes The Pain
: This Is Fort Apache

Belly - Thief : Tank Girl Soundtrack

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