Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Puffins are friendly

OK folks, here's your chance to win a trip to Iceland to see the Iceland Airwaves Festival courtesy of Reyka Vodka. That's right, you and 9 of your friends will be flown to fly to Iceland for three days and 2 nights of partying, soaking in the Blue Lagoon, sight seeing and to attend the world renowned Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. All you have to do is HEAD HERE to enter (and if you win, consider one of your nine spots already taken by ME!). While at the festival, you'll get to see the following bands perform:

Bloc Party * Of Montreal * !!! * Best Fwends * Mum * GusGus * Buck 65

Bonde de Role* Annuals & Others to be announced soon

Here are some fun facts to amuse your friends with about Iceland while you're telling them about the contest:

- 10% of the population of Iceland believes that elves “definitely” exist

- Bjork’s mother fasted for 3 weeks in 2002 to protest the building of a dam

- In 2006 Iceland was ranked as the 4th happiest nation in the world by an independent scientific study

- Traditional Icelandic dishes include: pickled ram’s testicles, putrefied shark, singed sheep heads, sheep head jam, and blood pudding

- Astronauts practiced for their moonwalk in Iceland

- There are only 300,000 people in Iceland , 137 of them are in jail

- All of Reykjavik is heated by underground hot springs

And while you're tricking your friends into thinking you're a brainiac, listen to the following to prepare yourself for the festival:

Bloc Party - Helicopter (Weird Science Remix feat. Peaches) : Helicopter single

Of Montreal - Voltaic Crusher/Undrum To Muted Da : Suicide Squeeze: Slaying Since 1996

Annuals - Nice Day : This Is Indie Rock - Volume 3

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Helen said...

re that 10% believe, I can assure that I would put it at at least 25%