Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Magical Patrick Wolf

Despite his boyish face, Patrick Wolf has a set of lungs on him that would do a broadway performer proud. His third and latest release, The Magic Position, does an amazing job of showcasing Wolf's range and incredibly expressive voice. It extends from an almost guttural growl to soaring crescendos of happiness, and every note in between.

I know he's practically been around since the Ming Dynasty (by today's standards at least), but I only stumbled across him recently. I simply love his album for its dramatic overtones and excitement. It feels like a breath of fresh air compared to all that subtle, pensive, and depressing music that's all the rage now-a-days. With it's orchestral eccentricites and it's electronic flourishes, The Magic Position grabs you and takes you for what feels like a musical roller-coaster ride. The following two tracks will prove its worth the price of admission.

Patrick Wolf - Augustine : The Magic Position

Patrick Wolf - The Stars : The Magic Position

Visit his website, his label Universal Music UK, and become his friend on MySpace.


daniel said...

this is one of the few artists you've covered that i knew and liked beforehand. patrick wolf is awesome albeit a bit eccentric

Tom OMG said...

Wow. you've just about put into words what i think about patrick wolf perfectly.
The man/boy is amazing!