Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hangin' with Gallows

Take a good look at the man above (he's Frank Carter, lead vocalist). Listening to Gallow's debut album Orchestra Of Wolves will have the same effect on you. This is not an idle threat.

Time to put aside all those Sex Pistols albums you've been listening to, and make room for the UK's latest hardcore punk offering, Gallows. They've been working on their Johnny Rotten snarls and their Henry Rollins' ear rupturing sweet nothings, and are ready to wreak havoc in the US this summer playing the main stage on the Warped Tour. Their album was originally released in the UK in 2006, and is scheduled to be out in the US on July 10th. As recompense for having to wait, US listeners will get three additional tracks, including the band's version of Black Flag's song Nervous Breakdown.

I will again refer to the picture above. This music is not glammed up punk of the type you might see on MTV or hear on the radio. This is the real deal, full of ferocious energy and amped out anger. Do not listen to this to relax. Do not include any of these songs on a mix tape of love songs for your significant other. Do not play this music while asking your parents if you can go to the Warped Tour. Want to get some aggression out and break things? Then spin the following at the maximum volume your music producing device can go.

Gallows - Kill The Rhythm : Orchestra of Wolves

Gallows - Orchestra Of Wolves : Orchestra of Wolves

Visit their label Epitaph and become their friend on MySpace.


Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown : Nervous Breakdown

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Monkey Bastard said...

Reminds me of the "Ginger Kids" episode of South Park...