Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Abra Moore please

You're watching your favorite romantic comedy. Here's the scene. It's three quarters of the way through the movie and the main characters (who we as the audience know belong together) have split up. He's done something bone-headed like got drunk and accidentally kissed her best friend thinking it was her and she walked in exactly at the right second to see it before he realized his mistake. She's too head strong and proud to give in and listen to her best friend and the man she wants to spend her life with. For whatever reason they've decided to go their separate ways. One of them is wandering around all the places that they visited. The other is on a bus or plane or train staring out the window. Both are thinking about the memories they share. In the background, tearful, emotionally charged music; in the background, one of Abra Moore's songs (or at least in a perfect world it would be).

Listening to her latest album, On the Way (which came out earlier this week), makes you feel like you are in one of those scenes. It's delicate, yet emotionally powerful. Abra's voice reminds me very much of Tanya Donelly as well as Leigh Bingham Nash, the lead singer for Sixpence None the Richer, yet I find a greater depth in Abra's lyrics.

At this point, I could talk about all of the labels Abra has gone through to get to this point. I could talk about her past involvement with the band Poi Dog Pondering. I could even tell you the story about how I use to live in the apartment next to her and she once asked me for a cup of sugar to bake a cake (although that wouldn't be true at all). Instead, I'll point you in the direction of Jefitoblog, who has an incredibly well written, informative, and complete post about her history and discography. While you're reading, enjoy the following:

Abra Moore - Sorry
: On the Way

Abra Moore - Take Care of Me
: On the Way

Visit her website, her label Sarathan Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


Tanya Donelly - Pretty Deep : Lovesongs For Underdogs

Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me
: Sixpence None The Richer


Anonymous said...

I almost believed that you were her neighbour had i not read carefully!

I like 'Sorry'.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to make sweet sweet love to her music.