Monday, June 18, 2007

Dilly-Dally with The Dilettantes

The Dilettantes were founded by former Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine player Joel Gion and are set to release their first record, aptly titled 101 Tambourines, on June 26th digitally, and on August 7th physically.

Starting up the album are a pair of tracks that feel like they could be right out of an Austin Powers movie (one of them is Ready to Go, offered below). We're talking about groovy baby, grooooooovy...Yea baby, YEAH! They're right on the cusp of being campy, but manage to stay just this side of the border. They set you up for expectations for the rest of the album, but as you go deeper, the songs lose this ultra-60's-Brit-pop feel. That's not to say the vibes fast forward to the 21st century; you still get that psychedelic summer of love groove going on, it's just not as in your face as the first two tracks. Also thrown into the mix is the fact that the voice of Joel Gion, the lead vocalist, very much reminds me of Lou Reed (listen to Marzipan below).

For those of you who are fans of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Joel is planning on reuniting with them this summer for a string of shows in Europe during the month of July. In the meantime though, enjoy the following tracks and look forward to his album hitting shelves at the beginning of August.

The Dilettantes - Ready To Go
: 101 Tambourines

The Dilettantes - Marzipan : 101 Tambourines

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