Monday, June 11, 2007

Mission Control to Terrene, Come in Terrene

Although the one man band Terrene first started making waves back at the end of the 90's with his song Fifty-One (which was named "Cool Track of the Day" by SPIN Magazine and which is offered up below), John Dylan (the man who is the nucleus of Terrene) is just set to release his first full length album titled The Indifferent Universe (which will include 51) on July 17th. Since his humble beginnings, he's recruited some help to assist with the playing and production of the album.

The band defines themselves as "a new band of space-rock engineers." What exactly does that mean? The album is a healthy dose of instrumental, shimmery, dreamy, laptop loopy tunes that sort of sneak up under you and take you for a visceral 42 minute ride. Along the way, there are a few scenic overlooks that root you in the here and now; Enemy Landlord is a curious mix between an answering machine message and music that leads into Unwelcome, a bleepy bloopy song that could be straight out of a Nintendo game.

If you decide to order a physical copy of the album, you'll not only get the 13 musical tracks, but a dual-disc featuring a full-length live performance and a documentary featurette. Ready for take-off? Strap yourself in and check out the following:

Terrene - Fifty-One : The Indifferent Universe

Terrene - Unwelcome : The Indifferent Universe

Visit their website, their label Wax Orchard, and become their friend on MySpace.

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Anonymous said...

Here's the video for Fifty-One off this record:

Sean said...

thanks anonymous!