Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bowie Fans Rejoice!

When asked to name some rock icons around today that have outlasted their peers, people might come up with The Rolling Stones, The Police (reunited again), maybe even U2 could arguably fit into this category at this point. I think only a handful of people would come up with David Bowie, which is unfortunate, for he truly has demonstrated incredible artistic ability over the last 40 years or so. He's evolved and re-invented himself throughout his career, never allowing his style or material to grow stale or predictable. Countless artists have cited him as an influence, and he's collaborated with many of them throughout the years.

On June 5th, Virgin and EMI Music will release a pair of offerings by The Thin White Duke, as Bowie is sometimes called. Although technically nothing new, both contain material not previously available in one package.

The first is an expanded special edition of Bowie's classic 1974 album Young Americans. It will include the original album's eight tracks, three bonus tracks, and a DVD which will contain new mixes of the tracks by Tony Visconti as well as a “Dick Cavett Show” performance and interview clips from 1974.

David Bowie - Young Americans : Young Americans (Expanded Edition)

The second is titled The Best of David Bowie 1980-1987: Sight & Sound, and is also a two disc affair. The first disc contains 19 audio tracks which include some of Bowie's best hits from these years, as well as some tracks which will be less familiar to most listeners who might not have been listening to his music during this period. The second is another DVD containing the videos for 15 of his songs (two of which were previously unavailable and one which is live).

David Bowie - Let's Dance : The Best Of David Bowie 1980-1987: Sight & Sound


Anonymous said...

Great Bowie stuff. I saw that David/Trent tour and it was very cool. Just a note on the "Bowie cover" version of "It Ain't Easy." Actually it was originally written and recorded by a guy named Ron Davies. It was later covered by Dave Edmunds, Three Dog Night and others. Anyway thanks for the Rac's cool version.

Sean said...

Thanks for the correction anonymous.