Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Looking forward to Feist

So I hate to boast or rub it in any one's nose, but I got tickets to see Feist play on her first US date for the tour: June 8th in Northampton, MA. Not only did I get tickets, but I got GOOD tickets; I'm not going to need my binaculars for this one. All I want to say about that is I am STOKED! As much as I love Feist on album, her live performances take it to a whole nother level. As a general rule, I tend to enjoy live music more anyway, but this is really a show that I'm looking forward to.

Opening for her is Grizzly Bear, a band that I know nothing about. Luckily, I have over a month to educate myself about their music and tune my ears into their sound. Any suggestions for me? Should I start with their debut or skip to their second album Yellow House?

Feist's new album, The Reminder, comes out today, and you best believe that I'm going to be purchasing it via iTunes so I can get it into my iPod as fast as possible. Opening up the album is the song So Sorry, a song that I've absolutely loved since finding it on rbally (who disappeared, then was reincarnated, and is now missing again... we miss you). Here's the live version for you to enjoy:

Feist - So Sorry (live) : Live at Park West 1-27-06 (studio version on The Reminder)

"sometimes i find that it helps if you say...
i'm sorry,
two words that i always think
oh after you're gone
when i realize i was acting all wrong"

Visit her website, her label Cherry Tree Records, and become her friend on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY get Yellow House

amazing amazing album

zane said...

Seriously? I must admit, I'm downright shocked to hear you know nothing of Grizzly Bear. They're kinda hard to miss these days.

But yes, I strongly recommend Yellow House. C'est fantastique.

I saw Feist and Broken Social Scene last year. Quite the show... Have fun!

Sean said...

OUCH! I feel like somewhat of a poseur with that shot across the bow Zane.

I'll make up my missed musical work and catch up to speed pronto! I guess I shouldn't spend so much time listening to my Bon Jovi collection.

(Thanks for the recommendations)

Zane said...

My apologies, no offense was intended. If it's any consolation I said the same thing when my mother said she'd never heard of Grizzly Bear, even though the last new record she bought was probably the White Album.

In any case, I think you'll like what you hear.

Sean said...

No worries Zane...it's all in the name of blogging fun. I was just playing with ya.

nerdybirdy said...

listen to shift on horn of plenty. the remix album is really good also, especially the remix of la duchess anne. yellow house is incredible from start to finish.

oh, and i'm totally jealous.

Anonymous said...

Definitely listen to Yellow House before you go see Grizzly Bear.

jane Holloway said...

i gotta say, horn of plenty is the one for me. it is a little rougher than yellow house. don't expect any chanteuse vox on that record though...

Swedish girl said...

Listen to these amazing scandinavian bands and singer/songwriters!

Madrugada-This Old House, Electric, shine etc.
Minor Majority- DOnt say you love me, Wish you´d hold that smile
Thomas Dybdahl-From Grace