Monday, April 30, 2007

Junior Vice Presidents in command

It was rather fortuitous that I stumbled across the Junior Vice Presidents. One of their members, Jeff Robinson, was the lucky winner of the SXSW contest that I ran a little while back and in exchange for all the goodies he got, he sent the band's latest release, Whores Drawn Carriage, my way.

In Jeff's own words about the band:
The band is made up of 3 beautiful young men picked from both sides of Canada ... 2 of us are from Vancouver and the other is a Toronto boy. We're completely tired of a lot of the music scenes lately... especially emo, with their cookie-cutter song stylings, idiot haricuts, bullshit eyeliner, they basically represent everything that's wrong with music. We focus on songwriting, arrangement, and energy... instead of buying tight pants and applying eyeliner.
I can't say that I'm completely against tight pants and eyeliner (I did grow up in the 80's after all and my first concert experience was with Motley Crue - but don't hold that against me). The JVPs bring a sound that's fairly heavy - with a Queens of the Stoneage meets System of a Down sort of feel to them (especially some of the vocalistic trappings of Hustler, the lead vocalist, with music that starts, stops, and starts again behind the lyrics). It's got a lot of urgency and energy rushing through it - certainly mosh pit material at the very least. Check it out for yourself and drop the band a note if you like what you hear.

Junior Vice Presidents - How Will They Know? : Whores Drawn Carriage

Junior Vice Presidents - Small Town Single Women
: Whores Drawn Carriage

Junior Vice Presidents - In the Wake of Destruction and Despair : Whores Drawn Carriage

Like what you hear? Buy the album right from the band by e-mailing them at

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