Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Death Proof Contest

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Yesterday I babbled about Quentin Tarantino's new movie / soundtrack, Death Proof. Today, I'm giving you the chance to win both a poster and a copy of the soundtrack for your very own! Simply leave a comment (or e-mail me) with your name, e-mail address, and favorite Tarantino film, and you'll be in the running. I'll choose a random winner sometime around next Wednesdayish.

Pacific Gas & Electric - Staggolee : Death Proof Soundtrack


rich said...

I saw Grindhouse Easter Sun. aft. in a very empty theater in CT. It's a shame such creativity was not rewarded at the box office. The faux trailers were a real hoot. Loved the QT soundtrack (as usual)and the way those jukebox 45's were lovingly photographed. My favorite QT would be Jackie Brown, incredible cast (Bobby D., Chris Tucker, Keaton, Sam J., etc.)
And I love the fact that he re-cycled another film theme song ("Across 110th St.")to open the movie and set the tone.

Jonathan said...

The bad-ass yet super cool characters in Tarantino's movies always make for great entertainment. The dialogue in Death Proof showed those women as normal people simply BSing and they did a stellar job playing normal.

I don't know if this counts, but my favorite movie of all time is True Romance. Tarantino wrote that, so that should totally count!

That poster is killer! I love the grungy look to the movies (and related movie items).

email is: okayokay AT gmail DOT com

Sean said...


if you want to enter the contest, make sure to leave your e-mail address.

rich said...

Hey Sean,

Damn right. e-mail is:


Dean Burbage said...

Hey Sean .. not only is Kill Bill Vol. 2 my favorite Tarantino movie, but I think it is the best film of the decade thus far. The decade! Decade.

My email is godblessyoucoleslaw AT gmail dot com.


Max said...

I love just about everything Tarantino does... but for a favorite i'll go with his first use of Sonny Chiba, "True Romance." QT didn't direct it, but he hasn't disowned it either...

thanks for the great post!

max AT ruralresearchlabs DOT com

Anonymous said...

The best soundtrack is Pulp Fiction, but Kill bill is not far behind. gotta love the hippster music from Pulp.

Anonymous said...


my favorite tarantino movie is pulp fiction. i can probably recite the entire movie, and watch it at least twice a week (and every time it comes on Encore/Starz).

Anonymous said...

my favorite Tarantino film changes sometimes. usually it's the one I've seen most recently. if that were the case today then my favorite would be 'Death Proof' but it's too soon to call that. so, I'm going to go with Kill Bill v. II. unless we can count Kill Bill I and II as simply one movie, in which case I'd go with that. so many amazing and awesome moments in both films.

e-mail: phenom917@aol.com
name: Tyler

Chad said...

Soundtrack: Pulp Fiction
Movie: Kill Bill Volume 2

All of his movies rock, and even though not everyone is saying great things about Death Proof, I have to say time FLEW by while in the theater a LOT faster than it did when Planet Terror was on.

Name: Chad A.


Chad said...

...email: chadtapp@gmail.com

Justin said...

gotta go with pulp fiction

juzzztin AT hotmail.com

-Justin L

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to choose...I'll go with Jackie Brown.

hoosierlibrarian at gmail dot com

Sven said...

The ultimate QT movie for me remains Pulp Fiction, because of its impact, although in a sense I really think Jackie Brown to be more sophisticated en "mature" movie...
The best soundtrack however, would definitely be Pulp Fiction ! (no doubt about that...) Those surfin' guitars and the way Dick Dale steps right in after the "honeybunny" dialogue, terrific !!!



jessica said...

deeeefinitely Reservoir Dogs. it's coooool and badass by every definition out there.


jessica.celano AT gmail DOT com

David "Monkey Bastard" Lindqvist said...

My fave Tarantino film by far is Jackie Brown. Here, I can prove it: http://monkeybastard.blog.com/1668961/

Benjamin said...

Definitely Jackie Brown.
bbrinner AT hotmail DOT com

David "Monkey Bastard" Lindqvist said...

Oops. Forgot the email address. monkey_bastard@hotmail.com

i delete myself said...

i feel like a helluva johnny-come-lately since everyone seems to be reading you and i only just tuned in, but i'll say i'm an instantly won-over fan of what i've checked out thus far.

anyway, in terms of favorite tarantino film, i figure you probably meant movies that he directed. however, i've never been completely swayed by Truffaut's whole 'auteur theory' bag of worms, and would echo the unexpected chorus of cheers for True Romance, probably the most quintessentially Tarantino film ever. I'm a fan of most of QT's stuff (i even enjoy Four Rooms, although that's more out of love for Tim Roth than for Tarantino's pilfered dead duck of a segment) and enjoy seeing him develop as a filmmaker, but True Romance will always stand out as such a brilliant example of what he's all about. He may not have directed it (poor Tony Scott never gets enough love) but I think it really captures his major recurring themes and tone the most succintly.

okay, rambling done. if you're adhering to stricter definitions than I do, my favorite QT-directed film would probably have to be Reservoir Dogs; it's no-frills, down & dirty filmmaking at its most powerful, just palpable raw tension and no fancy samurai swords or missing reel gimmicks to fall back on.

oh, and i'm sara, deathbybritpop@aim.com

tommcgphoto said...

Tom McGovern

Favorite tarantino flick is probably Kill Bill Vol. 1, but the car chase in Death Proof was one of the best, intense for the first half and intensly rewarding the second!

chawkc said...

Chaw Choo

I have to say my favorite Tarantino film is still Reservoir Dogs. There are better films than that, i.e. Pulp Fiction, but for me, nothing still excites me like seeing that film and feeling the sense that you are watching a brilliant film maker hitting his mark for the first time, sort of like when I watch Mean Streets. Plus it just kicks ass in the short compact time that Tarentino never tries for agian.

Anonymous said...

It would be orgasmic if I win this. I am a big QT fan from East Asia. My most favorite is where there is a man named Bill.


mezmorized said...

Reservoir Dogs

I have a perfect spot for the poster next to my Dogs poster. They are all great, but Dogs got me hooked.

PS: Grindhouse kicked so much ass!

mezmorized said...

I just posted a comment, and forgot to leave my email.