Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More British Brothers - The Electric Soft Parade

First they sent us the Kinks, then Oasis, and now we have England to thank for sending over The Electric Soft Parade. There must be something in their gene's over there that pre-programs brothers to want to start rock bands. In this case, it's the dynamic duo of Alex and Thomas White, hailing from Brighton, providing the backbone of the group.

The album swings from inorganic electric feeling tracks that feel futuristic like Woken By A Kiss, to quiet introspective tracks like Shore Song, to harmoniously Beatle-esque tunes like Secrets, to Ben Folds-ish piano driven gems like Cold War, and every shade in between...and that's the way the band works their mojo. Although the tools used vary, there is a unifying theme weaving itself through the album: trying to hold on to a love that is slipping away...

from Life In the Backseat:
And at the end of the day, you were only ever a friend
And so when you’re on your way out, when all of this is coming to an end
when the curtains have closed: won’t you think of me then?
from Shore Song:
You won’t get bored of me so easy this time
I’ll be exactly what you need
You’re like the tides, I’m like the moon – connected somehow
from No Need to be Downhearted (part 2)
Missing you, just like having a routine taken away
The space where you lay
It's rare to find an album sharing a story. Listen, enjoy, and then get the album on April 24th so you can get the whole story.

The Electric Soft Parade - Shore Song / Surfacing : No Need To Be Down-Hearted

The Electric Soft Parade - Misunderstanding
: No Need To Be Down-Hearted

Visit their website, their US label Better Looking Records, and become their friends on MySpace.

Then visit this Brit's site to get a grasp on ESP's catalog of albums from the other side of the pond.

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