Saturday, April 28, 2007

Awash in EPs

EPs are funny little creatures. They come in little cardboard sleeves, carrying forth 4 to 6 songs usually, in an attempt to convert the uninitiated, to build up enough momentum, garner hype, and generate excitement for the release of an LP. In such a tight space, sometimes musicians will include a wide range of sounds in order to appeal to as many listeners as possible. Others hold together as tight packages truly representative of their sound.

For the longest time I could never remember the difference between an EP and an LP. Extended play versus long play - what's the difference? Growing up I can remember listening to my father's record collection (and 8-tracks as well, but that's a completely different animal), but that was on the cusp of the cassette tape technological revolution. It's hard to imagine playing an EP now and having to get up and flip it over after 2 songs. Scratch that - it's hard to imagine having to get up and flip over an LP after 4 songs. I'm too spoiled by digital music and MP3s: being able to put my iPod on shuffle and listen to it for 17.2 days without having to touch it.

Well, anyway, here are a couple EPs that I've been spinning as of late.

Sea Wolf

Just like fellow Irving bandmate Shana Levy who set out on her own to create Let's Go Sailing (she released her debut back in March - read about it here), Alex Church is setting his own course under the moniker of Sea Wolf. He's poised to release his debut release, the EP titled Get to the River Before It Runs too Low (I love this title if nothing else) on May8th and is currently on tour with labelmates Silversun Pickups.

Sea Wolf - The Garden That You Planted : Get to the River Before It Runs too Low

Sea Wolf - I Don't Know If I'll Be Back This Time : Get to the River Before It Runs too Low

Visit his website, his label Dangerbird Records, and become his friend on MySpace.


Eastern Conference Champions

Home Away is actually the second slice of ECC that I've got to taste. The first was a previous EP titled The Southampton Collection EP which I posted up on back here last year. They're building up steam, touring like crazy, and are planning on releasing their first LP some time later this year.

Eastern Conference Champions - Navy Man : Home Away

Eastern Conference Champions - Nice Clean Shirt : The Southampton Collection

Visit their website, their label Suretone Records, and become their friend on MySpace.

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Anthony said...

ECC is such a brilliant band and the new record sounds huge. Nice jittery songs about working class woe, check it out. Josh Ostrander's vocals rock.