Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Chrisopher Blue Blues

It's taken Chrisopher Blue quite a lot of time and effort to do so, but he's finally putting out a full length release that might actually get heard by a number of people. It's titled Room Tones, and it will be officially released April 17th on Sarathan Records.

You may or may not have heard Chrisopher's name before. He's been floating around the west coast music scene for quite some time - wandering between Seattle and Mendocino, California. He's worked with John Cale and previously fronted the band 10 Minute Warning (which included Duff McKagan who had been an original member of the band pre-Guns N' Roses and then returned after the group self destructed). After 10 Minute Warning folded, Chrisopher went on to form Sensation Junkies. This also failed to launch, so here he is, alone and still hungry for success, and this struggling yearning is apparent in the album.

Chrisopher has an appropriate last name: his life has had its share of ups and (mostly) downs. For a while he was living out of the back of his Dodge Neon. Do I need to go any farther than that? The album most certainly expresses this: it's got a bluesy grain to it that complements Blue's gritty voice well. “A lot of the lyrics are about squandering relationships with beautiful women,” says Blue. “It’s about my inability to love without the fucking ugliness attached to it.”

Chrisopher Blue - Ghost In the Night : Room Tones

Chrisopher Blue - Disquietude : Room Tones

Visit Chrisopher's website, his label Sarathan Records, and become his friend on MySpace.

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