Saturday, February 02, 2008

Brazilian Beats with DJ Dolores

To be honest, I don't know all that much about DJ Dolores. His third album and newest project, 1 Real, is set to be released via Belgium label Crammed Discs on April 1st, but the postman was kind enough to deliver one to me early - much to my surprise.

Like Bonde Do Role, Helder Aragão (aka DJ Dolores) hails from Brazil, but other than both touching in the dance floor / electronica realm, the two diverge from there. Whereas Bonde Do Role gets a little trashy and silly, Dolores reins it in a little, modeling his beats more closely on elements of his native music: everything from forró to the music of the Jovem Guarda (the Young Guard of romantic Brazilian rock from the '60s). Tossed into the mix are horns, rock, and dub to spice it up.

When asked about the inspiration for the album, Aragão responds, "The originality of this re-invention of tradition in Recife's inner city environment [Aragão's hometown] was my main reference while producing this new album. It also certainly gave it its title: '1 Real' refers both to the crude reality exposed in those cheap songs, and to the fact that they're reproduced on CDRs and sold for a very low price (the real is Brazil's national currency) which, unlike anything produced by the traditional music industry, makes them accessible to the underprivileged classes."

Aragão has reclaimed some of these traditional musical styles and reinvigorated them with his touch, creating a fresh album which will make you want to move.

DJ Dolores - Deixa Falar : 1 Real

and one from an older album

DJ Dolores - Azougue : Aparelhagem

Visit his label Crammed Discs and become his friend on MySpace.


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