Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking off with the Flat Duo Jets

I'm going to be completely honest with you. I was completely unfamiliar with the Flat Duo Jets until the soundtrack for Two Headed Cow landed in front of me. Which is a crime, because it's freakin' insanely good. And when I say freakin' insanely good I mean why the heck didn't anyone I know tip me off about these guys until nine years after they broke-up???

The Flat Duo Jets are/were just that - a duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist Dexter Romweber and drummer Crow who joined together back in the mid 80's in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. But for just two guys, damn they rock. The pair churns out a smorgasbord of rockabilly, blues, and surf rock that hits hard and fast and's a kick in the balls. They released a handful of albums in the 90's but broke up in '99, with Romweber going on to form the Dexter Romweber Duo with his sister (who continue to release albums and perform live).

The movie that the soundtrack shares its title with covers the early years of the band and includes some original footage dating back to 1986 and the CD's eighteen tracks blaze through unreleased material recorded back in '86. It was released earlier this month on February 12th and I really can't recommend it enough.

Flat Duo Jets - Everybody's Movin (Glen Glenn cover) : Two Headed Cow

Flat Duo Jets - Rock House : Two Headed Cow

Visit their label Chicken Ranch Records and become their friend on MySpace.

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