Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jaymay's story

Autumn Fallin' is the death of a relationship and the death of a friend. It’s about Autumn turning into Winter. The songs come from seven months of life and relationships in New York. But there’s hope there in the songs too. If you think of the first song, Gray or Blue, and the last song, You Are The Only One I Love, as bookends you can read a story.”


I've been listening to some really great music lately. Don't get me wrong, I find good new music all the time, but lately I've come across some really brilliant stuff. Jaymay's debut album Autumn Fallin' falls into this category. As her quote above suggests, the album is an autobiographical expression of her experiences living in New York City. A lot of artists write songs saying "woe is me" in their own way. Some of them are believable, some are not. Jaymay's personal idiom is absolutely heart-wrenching while still managing to avoid heavy-handed dramatics. The instrumentation is oftentimes morose, although not always - but the lyrics, that's where the weight lies, in the lyrics.

The album comes out March 11th, but you can buy it digitally now. Here are a few tracks to give you an idea of the beauty of her work.

Visit her website, her label Blue Note Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

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