Friday, September 12, 2008

Listen to some Bones

I watch close to no TV, so I couldn't tell you a single thing about the show Bones other than from what I can guess based on pictures like the one above. I'm going to wager that they've taken the Quincy idea, and inserted some younger attractive actors and actresses in Jack Klugman's place. Thankfully, this isn't a TV blog, it's a music one, so this post is about the show's soundtrack which came out earlier this month.

Looking at the line-up reveals quite a strange mix of acts; Crystal Method, Sinead O'Connor, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cary Brothers, Sarah Mclachlan, and some others I didn't recognize, and leaves you wondering what the results are going to sound like. It opens up with the 30+ second theme song from the show performed by the Crystal Method, and boy can you recognize that. Even during its brevity, you get the feeling that it could have been the seed for an additional track from Vegas. A remix of the theme, which ramps up to almost four minutes, also closes the album, and you can listen to it below. In between are eleve tracks that very from the darkly, almost sinister (the O'Connor track, which is a brand new song for the show, as well as one from Placebo), to the seductively sultry (Eliza Lumley's Radiohead cover), to the permeatingly gloomy (most of the rest of the album), all of which seem apt for a show entitled Bones.

Somehow, even with the disparate elements here, it actually comes together as a whole. And even better, I avoided any cheesy, raunchy, or immature bone jokes while talking about it. Listen and enjoy.

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