Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Soul (side 2) - Jamaica to Toronto

After posting about Calypsoul 70 earlier today, I felt required to add a post script for those who want to dig deeper. Being on the Caribbean tip, I thought it apt to share a few cuts from Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 1967-1974 with you this evening. Where as Calypsoul 70 gathered gems from many islands, this comp focuses in on Jamaican musicians who migrated north to Canada to cut tracks on Canadian labels.

While the album's title lets you know that you'll find a mixture of genres here, you'll find more of the former and little of the latter (and none in its strictly pure form). While not as varied in its material as Calypsoul 70, this album is no less enjoyable. With these songs being recorded not too far from Motor City, it's no surprise that there's a pretty heavy Motown influence felt here. Check out Eddie Spencer's song below to see what I mean; it literally feels like a Motown track in almost every way, shape, and form. There are a few others here with the same flavor.

Don't expect fifteen more tracks of the same though. While not evident on Spencer's cut, you will feel some Jamaican influences here and there over the course of the album. There are also some cuts that are just plain fun - like Jo-Jo And The Fugitives' song below, Chips - Chicken - Banana Split. If you want to dig into some Jamaican musicianship and go beyond the all too familiar reggae, this is the place to start.

Visit Light in the Attic Records, where you can dig deeper into some of the artists on this comp.

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