Monday, November 24, 2008

The BPA visits Seattle

I wish Emmy the Great would put out a proper album here in the States. For feck's sake, why hasn't some label picked up on the fact that she's got serious import potential? In the meantime, here she is performing with the newly surfaced Brighton Port Authority.

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and since it tis the season...

Emmy the Great - Christmas In Prison : It's Not Like Christmas

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Anonymous said...

She seems perenially unlucky, does Emmy The Great. She's fantastic, and yet she can't seem to break through in Britain; let alone the rest of the World. Hopefully the publci will see sense sooner rather than later, because she's a great talent.

Anonymous said...

well she has an album out in february, and i am sure its a bit annoying if you live a while away from london, but for me it's great that she is not mainstream, because she is not now only available in huge venues (eg kate nash) and so horribly overexposed i now hate her (kate nash). and that is why i do not want emmy to be succesful ever.

Sean said...

I understand your sentiments Anon, but you've got to share her with us, too!