Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Soul - Never

I can't sleep at night
and I can't eat a bite
I guess I'll never be free
since you got your hooks in me

Whoooa, baby someday real soon
and it won't be long
you're gonna wake up
and find that your baby's gone
but if you ever want to call
pick up your telephone
and oh you can betcha' baby
that I'll come runnin' home
so you know how it is
and you know just how I feel

I'll tell you I ain't never
never, no no
loved a man the way that I
I love you

Probably the most emotional, soulful soul song I've ever heard. Yea, it's that much better than the original album version, and yea, that means you should listen to it.


The DoorKeeper said...


nomadjf said...

Okay, might as well take it off email and throw it in the public forum.
I said "I'd still lean slightly towards the original, but there's much to be said for the demo. "

You said: "the demo kicks the other one's ass up and down. way more personal. fewer instruments in the way of aretha. and damn, she lets loose and overpowers the mic."
I hear you on the demo version. There's just something about the beginning of the original, just hearing her say "you're no good" standalone without all the instrumentation. it makes me cringe. I will agree to disagree here, but man, that one line is heart-wrenching

Sean said...

Bottom line is that it is an incredible song, and demo or original, is one that belongs at the top of the list (whatever list you want to pick).

Hanna said...

not as good as star wars though. ;)

Sean said...

No, but imagine the Mos Eisley Cantina band playing behind Aretha...

That would absolutely crush that William Shatner sci-fi album!