Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Wishlist - the Coosh

Over the last few weeks I've tried to help you fill up your Christmas wishlist to try and cut down on the tube-socks and candles that you get as presents. As avid music lovers, what can be more of a necessity (other than the music I guess), than a pair of headphones? That being said, I got sent a pair a little while ago to test out that are kind of trick from a company called Coosh. They're brand new this year, and put together a couple neat features. First off, they have silicone "earings" (that are detachable) that loop over your ear to make sure the buds stay in your ears and don't hop out on you. In fact, the buds are made of silicone, too, which feels a little nicer in your ear. They've also got an inline volume adjuster and a right angle input jack.

The company has put together a clever little marketing ploy by putting together the full length documentary, The Way of the Bboy, a "a 100% indie documentary and instruction video all-in-one, featuring the Massive Monkees Bboy crew as well as interviews of hip-hop’s forefathers (Michael Holman, Grandmaster Caz, LilLep and more) explaining how the Bboy movement came to be and how it is still one of the 4 pillars of Hip-Hop." The connection? Coosh claims their headphones are so secure that even Bboys can wear them while busting out their moves and not have to worry about losing the music. Check out a teaser on it below:

While not the best sounding head phones I've ever put into my ears, they do a surprisingly good job considering their price ($20 on their website - not sure what you can find them for in the stores). They also have a phone version available. If you want to order them, you can enter COOSH2008 into the discount code box at checkout and receive free shipping and handling (not sure for how long though).

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