Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Mascott

"In my day-to-day life I feel the need for restraint... with these songs, I say what I want to say, create the melodies and guitar parts that are natural for me, and I don't worry about the outcome."

-Kendall Jane Meade, on the creation of Art Project

Every so often I come across an artist that's been around for a while and yet somehow has avoided working their way into my ear. In today's particular case, her name is Kendall Jane Meade, and she's been around for somewhere around fifteen years, both as a member of 90's indie group Juicy and then later setting out on her own under the name Mascott.

You might just want to group Kendall with the countless other female singer/songwriters out there in the world, but you'd be missing something special. To be completely honest, I'm not exactly sure what sets her above her peers, but from the first listen I knew this was going to be an album that I'd return to and enjoy. As you might guess, the focus here is on Kendall's voice, a honeyed sweetness that doesn't get cutesy and sickly on you. Behind her, light instrumentation supports songs about love, its finding and its loss. Although it's been awhile since I've listened to their music, it reminds me of Eisley (who are in the process of putting together their new album supposedly!). And then to seal the deal, the album ends with a cover of June Carter Cash's Wildwood Flower, a heartbreaking song that I just love.

The album is way too short at only nine tracks and goes by incredibly quickly. I've already picked up her last album, Dreamer's Book, and am pretty sure I'll go deeper once I digest that one. I've included a track from it below along with one of my favorites from the new one, Press Play (and Then Repeat). In addition, enjoy this cute little video for Dream Another Dream, another track from the new album.

Dream Another Day - by Mascott from Red Panda Records on Vimeo.

and one from her last album

Visit her label Red Panda Records and become her friend on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that video! Song's great too.

Anonymous said...

Also wanted to add that she toured with Helium when they toured for Magic City!

Sean said...

Thanks anon.

Anonymous said...

I stayed at a hotel in America a few years back, and found a complimentary mix-tape CD thing there, which featured a track by her called 'Song For A Lover'. It's a great song, if you haven't heard it, and I've been following her ever since.

ottanta/cento said...

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