Monday, December 29, 2008

Fall Horsie for the Winter

Devil (e) Durge been hanging around my periphery for a while now. I'll listen to it, tell myself I need to write about it, and then it will slip away, only to have the process repeat itself a few weeks later. It's an odd album that's not easily categorizable. There are so many disparate elements at work here that seem at odds with each other, but when assembled together, create something that actually works, and works well.

The album is the second full length from Fall Horsie, and was put released through Halifax label Youth Club Records (who also are responsible for Ghost Bees - an equally singular band I wrote about back here). The quartet brings together piano and strings to make music that feels like a hybrid offspring of waltz, ragtime, orchestral chamber music, and Americana that leaves you wondering where your emotions should be heading while listening. It results in music that feels intellectually stimulating, that you should be reclining in a study contemplating the moral implications of whether there is in fact a devil and what size shoe he might wear.

Visit their label Youth Club Records and become their friend on MySpace.

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