Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Soul - A Tribute to a King

Listen people listen
i'm gonna sing you a song
about a man who lived good
but didn't live too long
he was born in macon, georgia
a poor boy without a dime
he found his way to memphis
singing "these arms of mine"

otis redding was his name
without his soulful singing
this ol' world won't be the same

On December 10th, 1967, Otis Redding and four members of the Bar-Kays died in a plane crash. Label mates Booker T. Jones and William Bell penned this song a few days after as a tribute to a friend and brilliant musician who hadn't even hit his stride yet. Originally Bell only intended to give the recording to Redding's wife, but she insisted that the label release it and it was issued as the B-side to Every Man Oughta Have A Woman (Bell didn't want to cash in on his friend's death) in March of 1968.

William Bell - Every Man Oughta Have A Woman : Every Man Oughta Have A Woman 7"

William Bell - A Tribute to a King : Every Man Oughta Have A Woman 7" B-side


vantika said...

Yet another Sunday Soul post absolutely floors me. Great series you have here, these have not only given me an appreciate for a few artists I've never encountered - but a broader appreciation for the genre as a whole. And that's what a music blog should be about.

Sean said...

Thanks for the kind words vantika. Although I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near an expert on the genre, I thoroughly enjoy posting the Sunday Soul every week.

If you want to check out a cat who REALLY knows his stuff, head over to Flea Market Funk under my Musical Meccas in the side bar (but make sure to keep visiting here, too!).