Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's That Time of Year

Another Christmas cut for you, this one definitely a little more upbeat than the last. It's from The Revelations Featuring Tre' Williams, a new soul act that just released their debut EP Deep Soul last month. While not arguing that they're pushing out some soulful tunes, I wouldn't necessarily label it "deep" soul. It's got more of contemporary R&B groove going on that takes some cues from 70's funk but is absolutely updated. The group's fronted by Tre, an artist who comes from the hip hop side but sounds especially comfortable getting his smooth groove on here on top of some live instrumentation.

Anyway, enjoy It's That Time of Year and add it to your '09 X-mas mix, and then check out the closing number from the EP, He's A Hustler, probably not a track to play while opening presents and sipping eggnog.

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