Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Song Sung Blue

I've been working on my favorites of 2008 list and as I predicted back in May, Neil Diamond's Home Before Dark made the cut. With that in mind, it got me in the mood to pay some attention to Song Sung Blue, a documentary film by Greg Kohs named after Diamond's classic song of the same name. The documentary isn't about Neil, at least not directly that is. Instead it's the love story of Lightning & Thunder, a Milwaukee husband and wife duo who play music that pays tribute to Neil, and all the the trials and tribulations that life throws at them.

The soundtrack EP includes a cover version of the title track performed by Tony Dekker (of Great Lake Swimmers) as well as eight instrumental cuts written specifically for the film. Unfortunately, screenings on it are INCREDIBLY limited, so this might be one that you have to wait for release on DVD to check out. Regardless, enjoy the following cut and keep your eyes open for my favorites list coming near the end of the month.

Visit the movie's official website.


Jane said...

This is growing on me. On first listen I was craving Diamond's voice, but this has a somber, earnest quality that is winning me over. Neil Diamond was a staple of my childhood. My mom was a huge fan, and there were many summers spent on the back porch with his 8 tracks going on in the background. Song Sung Blue, Porcupine Pie ... Desiree ... If You Know What I Mean .... Hello Again. The documentary sounds intriguing. I will have to check it out. Thanks for this post.

Sean said...


I share the same childhood memories of 8 tracks and vinyl, so I know what you mean.