Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visit The British Columbians

Trick question of the day: Where do you think The British Columbians are from? If you went with the obvious answer, then you were spot on. If you tried to out-think the question and guess Copenhagen, then you must be from Denmark or perhaps watch Jeopardy too much.

That's right, the four piece group does in fact hail from up north in Canada, and on their self-titled debut album they bring forth some bluesy rock & roll that would make Jack White proud. It's Americana tinged heaviness that leaves little breathing room once Girard Knox, their lead singer, slips in his White inspired vocals. For the majority of its duration, the album rocks hard, like the second track Hoodoo, which you can hear below. At a couple points, they quartet slows things down a little and brings it a little softer. The second to last track, By And By, would be a perfect example.

The album's taken shape over the last two years, and its nine tracks fit together surprisingly nicely as a result. If roots music is your thing, you could do much worse then check out this album. Here are a few tracks you can take home, and listen to a few more on their MySpace page.

Visit their website and become their friend on MySpace.

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