Saturday, March 13, 2010

The end is near...

So A few days ago I mentioned how my computer is about to have a meltdown, well, the signs of the end drawing closer are becoming more and more evident. The last week or two, I've been having some issues with iTunes. Whenever I play a song, it skips and momentarily freezes like a scratched CD. Doesn't matter what I play, doesn't matter if it's on the headphones or through the speakers, and it's driving me BONKERS! Luckily, I run my turntable through the computer to digitize vinyl, so I've been playing a lot of records lately, otherwise this house would be a very, very quiet house indeed. Well, tonight, I was just about convinced that iTunes had given up the ghost. It took me four attempts just to start it (I was trying to transfer some music to the Pod to listen to that way) before it finally decided to work. The end is near. Indeed.

Thankfully (and don't tell my computer this), its replacement is in the mail as I type and should arrive Monday/Tuesdayish. While I'm eagerly anticipating the ease and speediness of using the new computer, I'm already dreading having to install all of the programs, remember the passwords that are stored, and import 46,000 songs into iTunes again and hope that the album art comes with them. To be honest, I'm casting about for a replacement for iTunes as a matter of fact. So if any of you have some recommendations or music players that work with Pods, please send them my way.

Alright, so enough of the chit chat, time to share some music with you, as who knows when this contraption will decide to head to the big electronics junkyard in the sky.

V.V. Brown first started revealing her music last October with her four track EP The Attic. Next month, she'll be releasing her debut full length, Travelling Light the Light, which includes those four songs (in somewhat different version in two cases) and expands on them. Above you can see her performing the first single from the album, Shark in the Water, on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. And while the hat doesn't entirely do it for me, her performance certainly overshadows her choice of head-gear and makes up for it by far. I would sum up her album by saying her sound is a mix of Amy Winehouse (sober) and the Pipettes (the original line-up), with some songs leaning towards one side, and some the other, with a hint of Shirley Bassey thrown in to flavor.

At this point, I feel like I'm pushing my luck with the computer gods, so I'll share a song and quit it. If you like what you hear, the album comes out on shelves April 20th, but you can download it off of iTunes already (if you haven't switched yet). If you REALLY like it, you can catch her live, dates below. If you're lucky, she'll be sporting the hat.

Find the full octane version on the upcoming Travelling Like the Light

Visit her website, her label Capitol Records, and become her friend on MySpace.

Upcoming tour dates:

March 21 Charlotte, NC The Milestone
March 22 Charlottesville, VA Rapture/ R2
March 23 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brendas
March 24 Washington, DC Liv Nightclub
March 25 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg
March 28 Allston, MA Great Scott
March 29 Montreal PQ Lambi
March 30 Toronto, ON Wrongbar
April 1 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall
April 2 Iowa City, IA Mission Creek Midwest
April 3 Omaha, NE One Percent
April 5 Denver, CO Bluebird
April 6 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
April 9 Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge
April 11 Bellingham, WA The Wild Buffalo
April 12 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
April 13 San Francisco, CA Independent
April 14 San Francisco, CA Independent


Barbara said...

You don't like the hat? It takes a ballsy woman to wear a hat like that, so props to V.V.


Sean said...

I completely agree with you. I give her lots of props for sporting it, it's style just isn't for me though!

Erica said...

Yet nobody comments on the dress? I could handle the hat if not for the dress! The combo is a tad too much!