Friday, March 05, 2010

Meltdown Imminent

So, I'm holding my breath waiting for my computer to self destruct at any minute. Literally. It could go in the middle of this post for all I know, or it could keep trudging along until next week when I'll hopefully have its replacement (shhhh...don't tell it that, it might decide to commit hari kari just to spite me). You know the feeling: you're scared to listen to iTunes while having two windows open in your browser, and you hold your breath while typing praying that you aren't hitting the keys faster than the computer can deal with. It know it, too, I'm convinced. It knows it's got you.

Anyway, like Custer, I'm going to keep firing my six-shooters to the end. In that spirit, I'm tossing out a track to pump you up to hit the floor tonight if you aren't already there. I've been a long proponent of the Scion A/V series, first posting up on them way back in December of 2007. Since then they've consistently rolled out releases that span a wide range of sounds. And while I haven't enjoyed every single one of their releases, I still applaud them for their generous musical marketing strategy.

Their latest project involves partnering up with the European music blog Fluokids to put together a five track EP of house music that's pumping. Check out the track Fruit Loop from Renaissance Man, a song which, much like the similarly named Beastie Boys' Flute Loop, features a flute masterfully mixed in. Check it, and then try to stop in a Scion event to pick up the EP for free. You can also listen to the other four tracks on the Scion A/V website.

Renaissance Man - Fruit Loop : Scion A/V Presents: Fluokids

Visit the Fluokids website (if you can read French), become their friend on MySpace, and the Scion A/V website.


Heather said...

i hope your comp holds out until your new one arrives!

Sean said...

Thanks Heather, me too!

Steph said...

Nice track and the little strip of photo cracks me up! (unless of course my chimputer is about to blow too!)