Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Positively Gleeful

So back in November I revealed my latest guilty pleasure: sitting on the couch and watching Glee. For those people who really know me, this would be quite a shock as A.) I'm got a million and one things to get done and rarely have spare time and B.) I don't really watch TV...ever. What really turned me on to the show was the soundtrack though. It was seriously chock full of amazing songs brilliantly reinterpreted. Although I never wrote about it, the second volume was just as hot. And now, I've got Glee: The Power of Madonna to rock out to.

My man Mike over at Popblerd (he's listed over in my musical meccas...if you haven't checked out his little slice of the blogdom, please do) shared some amazing nuggets of trivia that I won't even pretend to have researched myself: "It’s the first non-Disney related television franchise to score a #1 album since 'Miami Vice' back in ’85 (someone correct me if I’m wrong here), and it’s also (if my research is correct), the first 'tribute' album to one artist to ever debut at the top of the album charts." Wow. That's all I'll say about that. Wow.

Anyone catch how Coldplay turned the show down for this opportunity and are regretting it big time? Sucks for them.

Anyway, here's a track from it, and volume 3 is on its way!

Visit the show's official website, the soundtrack's label Columbia Records, and become their friend on MySpace.


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Erica said...

im internetless for what? a month? and this is what i return to?! go figure!

i'll give you props-from what i've heard (which hasn't been much) it is pretty good stuff!