Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pony Up!...and not the Pipettes!

The gods of blog must have been looking down on me last night when I put up my last post because low and postino delivered a special package for yours truly today. A hearty thanks to Dim Mak records and Blue Collar Distro for getting the new Pony Up! album, Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes, out to me so quickly. It's been on repeat since it showed up around 11 this morning. Sarah, Laura, Lisa, and Lindsay were well worth the (short) wait.

It's hard to believe that this is the girls' first full length offering to us who are not worthy. Compared to their self titled EP, this set of songs is a little darker (many more broken hearts and less puppy love) and a little more mature. (I cringe at using that term, but it's the best that I can come up with.) I'm desperately hoping that the girls turn their tour bus towards the neighborhood sometime this summer. Anyway, here are a few tracks to wet your whistle.

Pony Up! - Possible Harm (mp3) - Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes

Pony Up! - The Truth About Cats and Dogs (is that they die) (mp3) - Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes

Pony Up! - Matthew Modine (mp3) - Pony Up!
(I know this is an older song, but it's also the one that got me diggin' the girls...and I simply LOVE it. The idea of four cute girls all lusting after you and writing a song about can you resist that fantasy?)

Pony Up! - Heard You Got Action (mp3) - ??? Not sure where this came from, but it sure is a good tune!

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