Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Reading

Summer vacation is almost here...which means it's almost time for summer reading. I just announced the list of choices to my students and of course they were overjoyed at the prospect of spending part of their two months of freedom reading two books. I never had summer reading when I was in school, but I read much more than two books anway. I can remember going to the local book store to pick up the Sunday paper with my dad and he would buy me a book. Sometimes I would have it read by the end of the day. My love of reading would eventually lead me into being a teacher, although I didn't know it then. Now a days though most of the reading I do is to my 2 year old daughter when she goes to bed. Summer is about the only time I have a chance to read anything for personal enjoyment anymore unfortunately. So now that I'm done with my personal confessions, here are some songs you can listen to about books.

Ben Lee (with Claire Danes!) - Reading Rainbows (mp3) - Nothing Much Happens Single

Camera Obscura - Books Written for Girls (mp3) - Underachievers Please Try Harder

Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped Up In Books (mp3) - Our Favourite Party Songs

The Shins - Pressed In A Book (mp3) - Oh, Inverted World

The Magnetic Fields - The Book of Love (mp3) - 69 Love Songs
(to download, right click and then "save as")

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Anonymous said...

As a high school student, the issue tends not to be with the reading itself (I generally enjoy that, unless I'm being forced to read Beowulf), but rather with the assignments that accompany them. I've been out of school a week and already read three and a half books, but I have little interest in writing the essays I've been assigned.