Friday, August 31, 2007

Doing it Ethan Lipton style

Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra are not your average band. They're not even your non-average band. They are out there...I'm talking past Pluto the non-planet out there. And that's a good thing.

Ethan just sounds so damn sincere that when you take a second to listen to the lyrics, any lyrics in any of the songs, it hits you. Jazz, blues, country, tango, rock & roll, it's all here wrapped up in 19 tracks of artfully produced silliness.

Try the two tracks below to see if Ethan tickles your funny bone. The first, Hit It, it just plain catchy. The second, The Flora and The Fauna, is a romantic tune that reminds me of The Girl From Ipanema. It's got a light tropical breeze to it and a happy ending to wrap it up. Typically, I only offer up two tracks from an album, but with 19 slices of goodness, I'm feeling generous, hence the third track, Pirates of the Heart. Do not listen to this one with little ones around or at work...there are far too many swears and you'll want to listen to it several times.

Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra - Hit It
: Mr. Softy

Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra - The Flora and The Fauna
: Mr. Softy

Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra - Pirates of the Heart : Mr. Softy

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Arthur Lyman - The Girl From Ipanema : Cocktails For Two - Romance With A Twist

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