Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taming Ferraby Lionheart

Listening to Ferraby Lionheart's debut full length solo album Catch the Brass Ring will make you feel like you've gone back to another era: an era where melodies were beautiful, the singer was part musician and part story-teller, and the instrumentation flowed together and just made sense. The experience is almost as if you were at a road-side inn listening to a traveling troubadour playing music next to the fireplace. Ferreby even hits up on some Dixieland jazz flavor with his song Before We're Dead. Check it out below and you'll be humming When the Saints Go Marching In before you know it.

The album is available digitally now on iTunes, and is scheduled to hit the shelves in stores September 4th. If you do buy it through iTunes you'll get Pure Imagination (a Willy Wonka cover) as a bonus track.

Visit his website, his label Nettwerk Records, and become his friend on MySpace.


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