Monday, August 13, 2007

Naming Number Two

On August 24th, Naming Number Two, a Sundance award winning New Zealand film, will hit theaters in the United States. Already available digitally via HackTone records is the soundtrack, which was composed, crafted, and compiled by New Zealander Don McGlashan.

The movie tells the story of a Fijian family that has lost its heart, its ability to fight, its ability to function as a family. The grandmother, played by Ruby Dee, realizing she is dieing, must name a successor so she commands the family to throw one final party for her. It's also her earnest hope that this will bring them all back together. View the trailer to get a better idea.

The soundtrack is a generous collection that features tunes both old and new from the South Pacific from a variety of genres. The opening track, The Medicine, is by Samoan rapper Tha Feelstyle, while the second Bathe In the River (listen below), perhaps the strongest track on the album, is a soulful gospelish type song that is uplifting and hopeful. There are also a handful of instrumental numbers written by McGlashan, an opera song by Kiwi Tenor Shaun Dixon, as well as a vintage track from the 50's (Chulu Chululu by Mila with Eddie Lund and his Tahitians - Eddie was the father of modern Tahitian folk music whose music was distributed worldwide).

Mt. Raskil Preservation Society feat. Hollie Smith - Bathe In the River : Naming Number Two Soundtrack

Mila with Eddie Lund and his Tahitians - Chulu Chululu : Naming Number Two Soundtrack

Visit the movie's website, it's MySpace page, and the soundtrack's label HackTone Records.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but a little while ago, you posted some songs from Sarah Borges. Just wanted to let you know that I love the songs and bought the album based on your post. My 10 year old daughter even likes it which is SO exciting. Imagine, she likes a singer that is not on the Disney channel. There is hope for her!!

Sean said...

Hey anon,

I'm totally excited to hear that your daughter enjoys Sarah. I have a 3 year old and know the Disney song blues. I can completely sympathize with you and am thrilled when I find something she'll listen to. Right now, it's Ben Lee's newest album (which I'll be posting on soon).

Anonymous said...

I hate to be one of those people but I have to tell you, it will get worse!