Sunday, August 26, 2007

Les.Petits (the petites)

Imagine the quirkiness of The Fiery Furnaces quieted down a few notches with Glen Hansard (of The Frames) on vocals writing songs about nature, and you'll get some idea of where Les.Petits is coming from. Gabriel Collins, the group's lead clarinetist and pedal-steel player explains,"When we started, we felt an overriding pressure to limit our songwriting focus to mammals exclusively. We really feel like we've been able to push the envelope of that paradigm and capture a more diverse description of local wildlife through our songs." You have to give some major props to a group that can compose an entire album around flora and fauna.

The group is based in the Calgary area and has combined their freshman and sophomore EPs ( and an.ark.full.of.animals) into this, their debut full-length album titled The.Mighty.Antlers.Of.Song EPs, which was released earlier this year. Enjoy the uniqueness of Les.Petits below.

Les.Petits - Boy Before The Woods (It's A Prequel) : The.Mighty.Antlers.Of.Song EPs

Les.Petits - The Rabbit Blackberry : The.Mighty.Antlers.Of.Song EPs

Visit their website, their label Saved By Radio, and become their friend on MySpace.


The Fiery Furnaces - Single Again : EP

The Frames - Star Star : Dance the Devil

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