Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I don't get to the theaters very often to see many movies. As Austin Powers would say, It's not my bag baby! Regardless, I do listen to a fair amount of soundtracks, and recently I happened to get the one for the new(ish) Jason Reitman film Juno.

One thing you might notice looking over the track listing below is the abundance of Kimya Dawson (who I coincidentally mentioned a few weeks ago when talking about her appearance on the Terrordactyls album). Ellen Page, the actress who plays the pregnant main character in the film, actually picked Kimya Dawson herself when asked what she though her character might listen to. Although Kimya's songs steal the (audio) show here, and I absolutely love them all, the soundtrack as a whole has a really nice blend of music fun (Barry Louis Polisar), old (The Kinks and Buddy Holly), indie (Belle & Sebastian and Cat Power), and original (Ellen Page and Michael Cera - from the movie). Here's the album's run-down:

1. "All I Want Is You" Barry Louis Polisar
2. "Rollercoaster" Juno Film Version - Kimya Dawson
3. "A Well Respected Man" The Kinks
4. "Dearest" Buddy Holly
5. "Up The Spout" Mateo Messina
6. "Tire Swing" Kimya Dawson
7. "Piazza, New York Catcher" Belle & Sebastian
8. "Loose Lips" Kimya Dawson
9. "Superstar" Sonic Youth
10. "Sleep" Instrumental - Kimya Dawson
11. "Expectations" Belle & Sebastian
12. "All The Young Dudes" Mott The Hoople
13. "So Nice So Smart" Kimya Dawson
14. " Sea of Love " Cat Power
15. "Tree Hugger" Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants
16. "I'm Sticking With You" Velvet Underground
17. "Anyone Else but You" The Moldy Peaches
18. "Vampire" Antsy Pants
19. "Anyone Else But You" Ellen Page and Michael Cera

The soundtrack is available now digitally and physically, so enjoy the following two tracks while you're waiting for your copy to arrive. And if you're going to be in Boston this Thursday, the 17th, Kimya Dawson will be performing at the Juno soundtrack CD release party at Newbury Comics ( 332 Newbury Street , Boston ) at 7pm.

Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You : Juno Soundtrack

Kimya Dawson - Loose Lips : Juno Soundtrack

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