Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hello, Blue Roses

Hello, Blue Roses is the new collaboration between Dan Bejar (of Destroyer, who are releasing a new album of their own in March, as well as Swan Lake and The New Pornographers) and Sydney Vermont (visual artist, Bonaparte vocalist, former Toronto Children’s Choir kid singer). The two came together in Vancouver in 2005, and are set to release their debut album on January 22nd. And if there was nothing else to like about it (that's certainly not the case, there is PLENTY worth listening to on the album), the title itself is an instant sell for me - The Portrait Is Finished and I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty.

I think it perfectly captures what I think all artists strive for: that perfect album which pulls together notes, words, tones, inflections, all to represent images in song for the listener to experience. It might not completely capture what Sydney and Dan were striving for, but there is still quite a bit of beauty woven in amongst these fourteen tracks. Sydney writes the songs, Dan arranges them, and what comes out as a result is an almost soaring expression of folk-pop. Sydney's vocalistic abilities feel mature and display a wide range starting from somewhat deep notes and ascending high into the register (and heavens, where they tend to hover for much of the album). She displays an almost detached, icy beauty in her voice at some points, while at others, it feels warm and connecting.

Listen to Shadow Falls below, which includes both members singing in tandem, as well as giving and taking. Keep in mind though that it displays an electronic feel that isn't prevalent through the rest of the album. On most tracks, the instrumentation is more organic (even at points reminding me of Mariee Sioux, who I wrote about here). Look for the entire album later in the month to experience it yourself.

Visit their label Locust Music and become their friend on MySpace.


Destroyer - European Oils : Destroyer's Rubies

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