Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Soul - Sam Cooke

From the Queen of Soul last week, to the King of Soul this week. From my jukebox to yours...

Sam Cooke - Another Saturday Night : Another Saturday Night 7"

Sam Cooke - Love Will Find A Way : Another Saturday Night 7" B-side

Sam Cooke - Lonely Island : Lonely Island 7"

Sam Cooke - You Were Made For Me : Lonely Island 7" B-side

Sam Cooke - I'll Come Running Back To You : I'll Come Running Back To You 7"

Sam Cooke - Forever : I'll Come Running Back To You 7" B-side


Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog post for an artist that doesn't get the recognition he should!

As Sam Cooke's great-nephew, please join me as I honor his 77th Birthday at I'll answer the most interesting and pertinent questions to Sam's life, music, and legacy. Invite a friend!

Anonymous said...

great songs. great artwork with the songs. do you know what year "lonely island" came out?

Sean said...

1958 I believe anon. Glad you're enjoying them!