Saturday, January 12, 2008


Earlier this week saw the release of Sia's third album, titled Some People Have Real Problems. Sia Fuller is not new to the scene, obviously. Besides all the attention this latest release is receiving, she's also know as the vocalist for Zero 7 (you can hear one of their tracks below) and made a splash in the U.S. back in 2005 when her song Breathe Me was featured in the final episode of the HBO cable television series Six Feet Under.

Looking at the album might give you the impression that Sia is another teenie bopper singing about summer crushes and trips to the mall. Truth is, I don't think the cover could be any more misleading. Sia's voice is that of a woman. A real Woman - capital W. It's full, strong, and sweeps through a wide vocal ranges smoothly and effortlessly. It conveys more than just 20-something carefreeness - it conveys real emotion with a strong swirl of soul that makes your heart ache.

Once you start savoring the album, check your calendar and the tour dates below to figure out when you can catch her live.

Sia - Day Too Soon : Some People Have Real Problems

Sia - Academia (with Beck) : Some People Have Real Problems

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Zero 7 (Sia on vocals) - Destiny : Simple Things

Sia - Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover) : Exit Music (Radiohead Tribute)

Upcoming Tour Dates
  • 2/15 San Diego, CA @ Belly Up
  • 2/16 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
  • 2/18 San Francisco, CA @ Fillmore
  • 2/19 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
  • 2/20 Vancouver, BC @ Richard's on Richards
  • 2/21 Seattle, WA @ Showbox
  • 2/23 Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon Theater
  • 2/24 Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
  • 2/26 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music
  • 2/27 Miwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall
  • 2/29 Chicago, IL @ Metro
  • 3/01 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
  • 3/03 Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
  • 3/04 Montreal, QC @ Les Saints
  • 3/05 Boston, MA @ Paradise
  • 3/07 Washington, DC @ 9:30
  • 3/08 New York NY @ Webster Hall
  • 3/10 Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
  • 3/11 New Orleans, LA @ Parish @ HOB
  • 3/12 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
  • 3/14 Austin, TX @ Stubbs Bar-B-Q
  • 3/15 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues


Andrew said...

Destiny is one of my top songs of all time. Love Sia's voice here.

Anonymous said...

I love Sia's voice too but think that her solo work is very different from her work with Zero 7. I just bought this album and I am really loving it.

Curvine said...

Hey, does anyone have ANY information on her March 14th show in Austin Texas?? I can't find out anything about it, and I really wanna go and take my wife to see her! HELP!

Bilbo Baggins said...

Hi, I'm sitting in Le Boulanger and about once a year I hear a song I really like but do not know. I swear it must have been Oasis singing "Not a day too soon," but all I can find is the Sia song. Did I hear a cover, or can I just not find the song? Hit me up if you know, and mucho thanks. bilbob42b, yahoo.